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Lorenzo De Zavala 1836 (Republic of Texas) Cotton Texas Flag 16"x24" Cotton Flag

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Show your Texas pride with this 100% cotton 1836 Texas 16"X24" Flag. 

 This flag has become known as the first official Flag of the Republic of Texas, accepted by the March, 1836 convention that drafted the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico and the original Texas Constitution. Notable Tejano patriot Lorenzo de Zavala is the credited designer of this “Lone Star National Flag of The Republic of Texas.” No known surviving replica of the flag exists. It is believed to be a five-point white star on a blue field with the letters “T E X A S” inscribed between the points.


-Comes with 2 Brass Outrigger Clips


-Brass Grommets


-100% Cotton

-Sewn and Tailored the Old Fashioned Way

-Superior look and feel